A nearness and international cultural project

Its emergence directly arises from experiments in our past actions, together with societies of foreign artists.

CAIRNS recognizes issues such as of research, collaboration and valuation of any artistic and cultural initiatives held in Europe and, even worldwide, and which become attached to singular or not conventional territories, particularly rural ones. 

The objective is to arouse a fertile exchange of experiments between these initiatives which are often sources of innovation and develop a real and deep understanding of projects. These exchanges can be set up in 2 different ways : a resolutely artistic one (showing the works), a more cultural one (listening to the actors of the projects).
 So, the general frame of the project CAIRNS includes the following stages :

- Identify the initiatives overseas ;

- Invite every year 2 or 3 artistic societies of different countries in residence in the massif of Belledonne (creation, diffusion, performances, meetings) thanks to a collaboration with the Festival de l’Arpenteur ;

- Exchange the practices of these guest societies through meetings and seminars ;

- Testify of these initiatives and meetings through differenty publication tools.

Till now, the following countries have been invited : Morocco, Italy, Russia, Tchetchenia, Iran, Canada, Ukraine, Armenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Ireland.